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Dear Business Owners

Are customers leaving your website after a few seconds?

Do you struggle to convey the fullness of what you do in a way that other people understand and are eager to say yes to?

Do your marketing and advertising efforts lead to lackluster results?

Do you constantly post on social media - and get some likes and engagement but it rarely translates to any new clients?

Do you struggle to attract BETTER, higher-paying clients that value your work and sing your praises?

Are you getting some leads here and there, but you don’t have a proven sales process to close practically on demand?

Do you dream of having more prospects that ALREADY KNOW they want to work with you, before they even speak to you, but don’t know how to reach them?

Are you frustrated and confused because you see people who are just as good as you but they’re making WAY more money and you can’t seem to figure out why?

I Get it… Here’s How I Can Help, And Why It’s A MUST For You To Invest In Your Business

Your brand messaging is EVERY. SINGLE. WORD. Your prospects see when you want to promote, sell or deliver your services.

And most business owners nowadays are stretched too thin posting on social media non stop, sending out emails, trying to get new business in the door while also caring for the clients they already have…

For most businesses today, there’s no clear process to take people from scroll, to click, to buy as smoothly as possible… 

Your competitors have this figured out… And in this day and age, it’s not the best product or service that wins - it’s the one that converts to sales!

Archimedes once said: “Give me a lever long enough and a fulcrum on which to place it, and I shall move the world”. 

Well… Give me a great business and the right sales strategy, and I’ll scale your business to the moon!

I don’t know about you… but I’ve found that when I’m making more money, business becomes a whole helluva lot more fun!

That’s why I’m offering to help craft…


Years Experience


Millionaires Created


Irresistible Brands Perfected

“Pat, wanted to let you know that the work you and your team did is out of this world! The new page you created was just in time for my launch, and get this - the copy you wrote made me $120 000 in the first two weeks! Seriously insane brother, thanks again!” 

— Brian Aganad Fitness Guru

Seriously! What are you waiting for?

PS: I will see you on the call. I can’t wait to talk to you! Don’t miss this call - it will be absolutely life-changing. If you need to reschedule, there’s a link in the confirmation email you’ll receive. 

Patrick Armen Elliott


Just book the damn call already! :-)

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Hi I’m Pat, A Marketing Strategist Who Helps Small Companies And Entrepreneurs Get Packed With New Business.

I’m the founder of PA Consulting, Copywriter Extraordinaire, Sales Badass, Rogue branding Expert and Doctor of Persuasion…

I’ve been writing sales copy for almost 10 years, and have helped businesses develop their social media, email marketing, sales script, and brand identity for the better part of 6 years now.

The business owners I work with go on to confidently position themselves as leaders in their space, transforming thousands of lives while commanding premium pricing, some earning six and seven figures a month while working less.

The Most Ruthlessly Straightforward Roadmap To Explosive Growth Humanly Possible

YES! I want to TRIPLE my sales 

Pat, Let's Do This!

This is a no-brainer for any business owner struggling with getting their unique voice out there or needs a step by step proven system to stand out…

So don’t wait another minute… 

Just Imagine If...

  • It was absolutely EFFORTLESS to enroll new clients and convert new customers… 
  • Finding BETTER clients and customers happened on autopilot because your brand SCREAMS quality and higher tier…
  • You had an engaged audience of raving fans who CAN’T WAIT TO BUY what you sell…
  • You easily STAND OUT in a sea of other businesses who do what you do, and DOMINATE your market…
  • You had a steady stream of prospects who ALREADY KNOW they want to work with you or buy your products or programs, before they even speak to you…
  • You can finally relax, knowing you’re generating the income and impact you truly deserve!

Here’s The Great News!

If that's you...

  • This is for coaches, consultants, startup founders, thought leaders or service business owners who deeply care about the clients that they serve. 
  • This is for those who would never sacrifice their integrity and want a brand that reflects their uniqueness.
  • This is for business owners who understand the importance of good copy, sales and communication and are willing to be coachable in order to scale their business.

I’m offering a FREE ‘Brand audit’ for businesses who are struggling to get more sales and high quality clients.

On this 45 minute ‘brand audit’, we’ll take a look at your messaging, the strengths and weaknesses in your sales process, and then we’ll create an exact step by step game plan to attract more high quality clients, create an irresistible brand that positions you as the most trusted expert in your space… and show you how to close more deals in a month than you did all of last year.

If we get along and both feel I can help you more long-term, we can definitely discuss from there.

If not, that’s totally fine too… You can still keep the plan we work on and apply it yourself. It’ll be miles ahead of anything else out there, and will be the best 45 minutes you ever spend on your business.

Don’t worry… I plan on jam-packing this session with so much value you’ll kick yourself for wasting time on anything else to help your business!

Here’s the catch:

I’m a one-man operation, and to not let down my other clients who have me on retainer, I can only realistically work with 5 businesses per month… This means I need to be a little more picky about who I can help.

“Pat, wanted to let you know that the work you and your team did is out of this world! The new  page you created was just in time for my launch, and get this - the copy you wrote made me $120 000 in the first two weeks! Seriously insane brother, thanks again!” - Brian Aganad Fitness Guru

“Thanks Pat… I struggled for years to verbalize my mission. I had marketing agencies push me in directions I was frankly uncomfortable with. Now, I love my new brand, am crystal clear on my mission, and the new page reflects my message brilliantly. I get so serve more people than ever before and I feel at home doing work I love” - Dr Shiroko Sokitch, bestselling author, Founder of Triangle Of Wellness 

“Hey just want to let you know that your new copy got me the cheapest and best quality leads I’ve ever gotten. My sales guy has a 33% close rate now and we’re well on track to making more this month than we did all of last year thanks to the changes you made. No marketing agency was ever able to get those kinds of results for me” - Nick Carpenter, Legion Of Loan Officers

“Brosif, wrote an email blast to my list to test out the new page - got 11 qualified appointments booked. Had to close out my calendar cause I’m fully booked with great leads now. Thanks man!” - Bobby Stocks, Business Strategist

“Yes yes yes!! This is exactly what I was looking for. Thanks Pat for bringing out the gentleness and depth of my brand. Looking forward to showing it off!” - Lillian Odom, Modern Family Doula

My Clients Love Me

(And The Feeling Is Mutual)

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We’ll hop on the phone for about 45 minutes and take a look at your existing business and show you how amazing your brand can be, where the hidden profit opportunities are, reveal some potential income streams you might not be aware of, and so much more!